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What/who is RegenAg UK?

RegenAG UK (RAUK) connects farmers, smallholders, and other interested parties with leading pioneers and trainers/experts in Regenerative Agriculture - via short courses, seminars and workshops - and facilitates collaboration and peer-peer learning.

We recognise the importance of a healthy water cycle, along with mineral cycles and biodiversity, as foundations for a sustainable permanent agro-ecological production base.  So we focus on building soils and restoring ecosystems as the foundation to regenerating agriculture and improving resilience, promoting methods and approaches which work synergistically with natural (ecosystem) processes to optimise production whilst restoring / rebuilding resilient biodiverse landscapes.

Alongside this, dependency on external inputs is minimised and where possible eliminated, and we look for optimal animal health and quality of produce, and to increase farm profitability - whilst integrating the human element in ways which support quality of life for the wider community as well as farming families.

So far events have been concentrated in the south/Midlands of England, but this is steadily expanding and we aim to support making the material accessible across the UK and Ireland.

As usual scheduling is ongoing; please do sign up to our e-mailing list to be first to hear about new events.

NB: Please note that our capacity is limited at the moment due to health issues; please bear with us if there is a delay in responding to your call/email. 



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