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'You Can Farm' with Joel Salatin

Joel Salatin You Can Farm coverJoin Joel Salatin for a unique one-day Masterclass on two DVDs, where he explains how to set up a thriving, profitable and ethical small farm, using Polyface Farms' innovative techniques.

Joel says "This seminar is perfect for beginner farmers, wanna-be farmers and landholders ready to get serious about regenerative agriculture, as well as experienced farmers looking to broaden their on-farm offerings".

“Agritainment at its best!”

DVD contents

Joel explains how to succeed in a diverse small-farm enterprise, focusing on:

  •     Getting started: what you need to know and how to approach the first 5 years
  •     Setting up, budgeting, farm design and planning for success
  •     Whole farm water design including dams and passive-feed stock watering solutions
  •     Integrating different animal systems for maximum effect, fertility and yields
  •     Integrated nutrient cycling and on-farm composting
  •     People power - internship and apprenticeship schemes
  •     Direct marketing, buying club models and building a successful customer network

This Masterclass is a great way to learn about Polyface Farms systems and Joel's accessible and friendly speaking style delivers a lot out of great information in his unique entertaining fashion.

Total running time approx 330 minutes.

Joel Salatin You Can Farm cover rearAbout Joel

Joel is author of eight books, including the recent bestseller Folks, This Ain’t Normal and The Sheer Ecstasy of Being a Lunatic Farmer. After being featured in Michael Pollan’s best-selling book The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Salatin rose quickly to fame. He was also a key subject of the Academy Award-nominated documentary, Food Inc.


See Joel's whole presentation for less than a third of the original workshop price:

Just £30 plus £2.50 P&P