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Joel Williams

Joel WilliamsJoel is a soils enthusiast and a passionate presenter on soil health, soil biology and integrated approaches of sustainable farming. He is an independent crop and soil health consultant and also presents lectures and workshops to primary producers on a range of soil and plant health related topics.

Joel has worked on conventional and organic farms improving biological practices in Australia and the UK where he integrates soil chemical and biological assessments along with plant nutritional analysis as a joined-up strategy for farm management. He has a Bachelor of Agricultural Science specialising in crop and soil sciences and a keen interest in managing soil microbial ecology and plant & soil nutrition to optimise plant immunity, soil health and soil carbon sequestration.

 Joel has a passion for teaching and sharing both scientific and practical knowledge on sustainable growing practices and has lectured to farming audiences in Australia, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Latvia, South Africa, Kenya, Canada and the US.

What people have said about Joel:

"Great enthusiasm for his subject, happy to answer questions, really good at explaining things in a clear/simple way"

"Personable.  Flexible re: questions from us.  Able to translate scientific terms into layman's words"

"Engaging manner"

"enthusiasm... knowledge... confidence... eloquence..."

"Enthusiasm combined with great knowledge"

"Pragmatic and practical approach"

"Well paced, well communicated.  Able to explain detailed content in a really digestible way"

"Joel, as well as being very knowledgeable, is a great communicator, pointing the way towards a healthy and sustainable approach to growing food and caring for the soil."

"Joel's infectious enthusiasm for soil management invites us to look at making practical experimental changes in our own fields, to look at our work holistically & to build soil C using a variety of strategies.  One-size definitely doesn't fit all & the benefit of this course has been opening my eyes to the 'anything is possible' approach championed by Joel"

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