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Dave Beecher

Dave Beecher

Dave will be delivering a couple more Stewarding Our Soil workshops in March; Tuesday 13th March at Scorriton Village Hall in Devon and Thursday 15th March at Huntstile Organic Farm, near Bridgwater, Somerset. (After that he will be busy with the Danú EIP project so catch him while you can)

Dave grew up on his Grandmother's dairy farm in Co. Cork, Ireland, which later became a suckler herd. After a career in structural engineering, spanning Ireland, Australia and Canada, he spent a year working in International Disaster Relief during which he realised that he wanted to address the issues at a causal rather than symptomatic level so he returned to Ireland to immerse himself back in agriculture, but taking a regenerative approach to mitigate both carbon emissions and the impact of climate change as well as addressing general human and environmental health.

Dave has studied with/worked alongside Zach Wright, completed Hugh Lovell's advanced course, and the 5-day course with Jairo Restrepo at Ragman's Lane Farm (Biofertilisers and a lot more), has completed a year long course with Jim Cronin in Market Gardening, is just completing Elaine Ingham's 'Life in the Soil' course, and naturally has explored much other related material too.

He is a member of the Danú Farming Group which has been awarded funding through the European Innovation Partnership programme and the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine in Ireland to carry out a 5-year Biological Farming Transition Programme.

The thrust of this project is to develop clear, workable guidelines for a transition programme to biological farming based on a sound understanding of soil structure, chemistry, biology and plant nutrition. These guidelines will lead to successful and cost-effective transition programmes to develop and maintain high levels of soil biological function that will facilitate the production of nutrient dense food, feed and forages. In addition, where soil biology is functioning at an optimum level carbon sequestration potential is significantly increased. Transition programmes developed must be practical, affordable and capable of implementation by any interested farmer. 

What people said about these workshops last time around:

Thorough, detailed course but starting from base level so it doesn’t go over your head

Very interesting… useful base knowledge to start experimenting myself

Really interesting day, has given me a lot to think about in terms of managing our soil

Great overall explanation of soil health

Highly recommend this course no matter what your previous understanding may be. Landowner to gardener it will suit you. Excellent course, thank you.

Useful and thought provoking - Eye-opening - Very informative and inspirational - Vital knowledge - Sit tight & learn a lot

Great course; highly recommend - Fantastic! A must go to workshop - Excellent course. Well worth attending - Absolutely fantastic day